Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More About Us

Our Service Learning group for Kiva consists of four members, in order to be efficient we have divided all the tasks required to be successful among ourselves.

Nikki Parmar: My job is to research the story of Kiva, how it was started, why it was developed and learn more about the individual people who started Kiva.
Wesley Jiang: My job is to research the process of how to make a loan. This includes how to set up an account on Kiva, join groups on Kiva, and overall be able to navigate around
Nellie Hamadani: My job is to research the majority of the terms regarding the concept of microfinance/microloans. Also, I am in charge of knowing how to explain how the field agents involved with Kiva work, how the loans are processed.
Aryan Assar: My job is to research how Kiva works overall, why it is important, how it has made an impact, and what it provides for people in developing countries.

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